Site is currently being rebuilt from scratch. Thanks for understanding!

New year. New Site. It’s going to take a minute.

The main site is kind of a mess at the moment. Lots of test formatting, playing with widgets, that kind of thing. Not to mention that I am re-writing things that I want to keep while trying to get new posts up at the same time.

Sometimes you just feel like starting over. That’s pretty much how I felt about the old site. While it had a few articles that helped more people than I expected, along with pictures of the Stripped and Redneck XLT trucks, it just wasn’t going anywhere. I mainly attributed the desire to rework the site to getting older. Time spent on activities changed. I am not saying that I have more time now than in the past, rather my time on the bike is done which means it is easier to take notes on things so I can write them up later. The boy, who we should now call a man, is racing BMX again and has finally started getting serious about photography– talent like that shouldn’t be wasted. We stopped turning wrenches on bikes, cars, and trucks, for the most part and I am now way deep into long range shooting and precision reloading (aka, handloading to my purest friends) rabbit hole. With all the time I spend at the keyboard dealing with reloading and shooting data, it seems like a good time to get this site rolling again.

In the process of shifting where the time is spent, I found that I was putting a bunch of content out in forums rather than keeping my own archive growing. I believe the best way to change that is to make it so I can get articles up quicker and have them ordered in a way that makes sense. I will still be posting to the forums, but maybe I will be doing a bit more copy > paste rather than retyping and uploading multiple times to answer similar questions.

Speed is still top of mind, but the RPM’s are back to revolutions on the BMX track and the dirt bikes have been traded for rounds per minute down the barrel. The Stripped truck is still the weekend transport so the plates are not going anywhere. Not sure what part of a DSLR camera falls into all of this, but I will try to come up with something!

I apologize for the outage but hopefully the new content and design direction will be worth it. Until then, go fast, be precise, and don’t shoot your eye out 😉


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