Welcome to the chaos

[[[ Yes, this is the dreaded under construction statement. We are in the process of changing themes as the old one was not working well since WP 4.0, and are redoing many posts because of image theft (read about it here).

Time wise, expect it to take forever. Well, it will certainly seem that way even if it is not. ]]]

We are a small group of enthusiasts who can’t seem to shake being involved with things that have wheels, or things that get shot from a barrel. In truth, we don’t try very hard to shake this stuff!

This sites main purpose is to allow us to share some experiences and thoughts. If you are looking for something that is polished and proper, prepare to be disappointed. We will post stuff that is half-baked, occasionally but unintentionally offensive, and likely laden with grammatical errors that we have no immediate intention of correcting. Further, this is not fb or some other platform where we will be banned for saying something out of line. In short, life is too short to worry about that kind of stuff.

The site is currently being re-imagined. Lets see what it brings.