Don’t be a Punk

Back in the days of, I watermarked most of my images because I was uploading poster quality images that I did not want sniped. I never really liked the process, and I knew that it cheapened the images. My dislike for the process lead me to discontinue watermarking for photobucket, and later I now regret abandoning the process.

We have found a number of our images floating around the Internet where people are claiming them as their own. Even to the point that they have entered them in ‘best bike contest’ and the like. Seriously bad manners. Because of this, we have begun pulling down images from the site and replacing them with watermarked versions. Unfortunately this also means that many of the places (mostly forums) where our photos have been linked to will cease to render the image.

Also, we will soon start scrubbing images from photbucket as well. The photobucket scrub will cause significant disruption to posts on other sites as some 500 images have been used since as far back as 2009.

My apologies to the site owners that will now have broken links, and to those that have used our photos in post without claiming to be the owner, but the breaking point has been reached. If you know someone that has posted our images as their own, do us a favor and flame them for doing so.

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