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Living with the Masterpiece Arms Chassis

Let's face it, the Masterpiece Arms (MPA) chassis looks cool. Unfortunately, they have some not so cool engineering. Since the oversized vertical grip is advertised as something that can be shaped, I am not lumping it into the bad engineering. Fact is, I like that I can shave down the grip. My gripe with the [...]

Testing Colloidal Graphite as Anti-seize for Rifles

I do a fair amount of maintenance on guns, especially bolt action rifles. Mind you by maintenance, I am talking just that. I am not a gunsmith nor do I pretend to be. However, just like a mechanic changes oil, some of the things we do to firearms falls into the realm of gunsmithing. Swapping [...]

Removing Hard Carbon Ring

Forums are loaded with practical advice. Unfortunately when it comes to barrel cleaning, I think FUD reigns King. Far too many people cite the adage that barrel cleaning causes more wear and damage than shooting. Someone is always quick to follow up with a confirmation that this is true because of the story their gunsmith [...]

Use Your Rifle Scope when Dry Firing Indoors

Simulating long range shooting indoors with the DST Precision Gen 2 D.F.A.T. HD Aside from struggling to keep the rifle steady in unsupported positions, I am subconscious of the tendency for me to get just sloppy enough to introduce some bounce when the trigger sear releases. The only time I notice the bounce is when [...]

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