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Tech Humor – Oil Sticker

I could not help it but to chuckle when I noticed this. Evidently my son thinks I need to drive faster.

Evolution of the WT

It took some contemplating after the bad day to decide to get the truck off the ground. Between not being 100% sure if I wanted to do it, and being certain that if I did lift it that it was don't right, I had to do a bit of research and stitched together a few [...]

Need a Lift?

It was just one of those days. We headed out around 3:00 pm thinking we would go do some plinking. If we found a rabbit or two then great, but the plan was go out and head back around dusk. We turned off hitting a snow covered 2-track, headed for one of the usual spots. [...]

Enduro Engineering Handguards

Riding mostly desert and mountain single track, having some protection from flying rocks, tall brush, and trees is not a bad idea. We tried many different hand guards in both 'flag' and 'bark buster' styles. Most experimentation resulted in dissatisfaction from poor performance, quality, or fitment. Before I get into the review of 2 different [...]

How to Shave Your Dirt Bike Seat

I originally wrote this article for's form. It is a sticky on that site. Since the original post, I have taken photos of another seat that I shaved and modified the content. The basic instructions are the same. Before you begin Shaving your dirt bike seat is a one-way ticket. You may be able [...]

Strip For The Win

Having sold the Silver Bullet (Silverado 1500 LT) to help buy the house, I eventually got around to buying another truck. Okay, so it was a pint sized pickup. Anyway, it was dirt cheap and we drove the heck out of the thing pulling the bikes out to the desert every weekend. So when it [...]

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