Wiped Out!

Yet another way "Reloading" can be a serious matter.

Update 03/26/2021

Looks like things are going to move forward with the current setup. I have put a few of the old posts back which took far more time than I could have ever expected. Obviously there were format changes, but I had not really thought about how much of the old content was wrapped up in slides, widgets, and other stuff that I am either not wanting to drop back in or no longer supporting. Translation, lots of keystrokes.

Watching the logs there are still about 10 articles that people are trying to hit every single day. Most of that traffic is from those that have shared the links as the search engine indexing is not looking for those specific pages anymore. Based on what they are looking for, it is only a matter of time before things get ghosted for a while and I get to feel like I am starting over — pulled all the temporary redirects as the search engines only tolerate those for so long.

Getting a bit burned out on dealing with old stuff so giving some serious thought to building just a few more of the old ones plus putting all the MPA write-ups; the MPA stuff alone is likely weeks. I really want to finish the theme and start putting out new content again.

Update 03/09/2021

My personal life got in the way of work for a change and it just struck me that I should update this post.

While I have managed to grab some time each week to work on the site, there has been a lot of time spent chasing down something that I did not, and still do not like with the theme. After contacting the author with, and explaining in great detail what I believe is a security risk with their approach, it is unclear if they are willing to do anything about it at this point.

I say it is a security problem that exposes sensitive site info. If left unchecked it clearly makes the site a target for brute force and DOS attacks. It is early attacks in logs that sent me looking for the problem. They say they will take a look and decide if it is a security risk, and if so fix it. Until then they simply tell me I can enable the functionality when I want to use it and then disable it when done.

What the heck is that? Pretty clear they see the problem else why bother telling me what to do about it. For now I have just blocked access to that particular functionality and what it exposes to the IP’s that I use. Rather limiting since it prevents updating the site via mobile. Also a big letdown because I invested a lot of time looking at theme functionality before deciding to go that route, paid my money, and then spent a bunch more time getting the base going. I obviously like the theme functionality else I would not have invested what I did.

Getting ready to start nagging them publicly where they sell their themes to see if that changes their tune. Not a fan of doing that, but this is crap. Over 100k people have purchased the theme, and they use the same control that causes the problem on more than one theme, so maybe I am all wet on this but I really don’t think so. I do have to say this is going to be rough if I have to jump yet again.

Update 02/14/2021

While I have not had not been able to dedicate any significant time, things are coming along. The core app server is solid, with security layers added appropriately as new features are added and tested.

The topology is getting put back in with some structural changes which does mean the SEO is stick-a-fork-in-it done for a while but that’s fine. I do feel bad that I have not been able to get the articles that people keep hitting the site for back in yet; I just don’t want to throw them up and have them look crazy bad which is what happened the first time I loaded the theme.

Right now I am working on building out the templates that will drive the category and topics as I would like to make them color coded rather than all the same. As always, more of a challenge than you would think it should be.

Published 01/25/2021

Not sure if it is because all the primers are dried up or what, but what started out as a theme refresh has turned into me dumping the server on its head and, well, reloading everything from the ground up.

Yes, I hit the reset on the control panel and wiped it all clean. Just got tired of picking through all the old stuff that version control doesn’t do a great job of cleaning up, plus the site is now running on faster NVMe SSD’s. By going this route, I will only be reloading the software and content that I want from the last 7 years and leaving everything else in the bit bucket.

Just got the app server running so a good first step. After all the stress and long hours– these things get done after the kind of work schedules that can ruin families –making sure I had everything ready to go, some food and a nap sounds good.

Stay tuned.

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